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Jed Hoyer’s priority is pitching for 2011 

HoyerJed Hoyer’s to priority is stabilizing the starting pitching rotation.

Talking Chris Young and Free Agent pitchers: 

I think the Padres should offer a one year $2M-3M deal so Chris Young can regain his worth for the open market in 2012. My First choice on the Free Agent market would be Hiroki Kuroda because he is a legit top of the rotation starter. 

The problem with the Free Agent market is the lack of pitchers that are head and shoulder upgrades (top of the rotation starters), that could be realistic financially for the Padres. There are some attractive FA pitchers like Javier Vasquez, Jake Westbrook, Dave Bush, Kevin Millwood, Jorge De La Rosa (type A. FA) that could be looking for a long term deal.

Millwood has been linked to the Padres after a down year with the notion of Petco reviving his career. Others could include, Aaron Harang, a possible bounce back player, Jeff Francis, questionable health but still is a young left handed pitcher. An interesting gamble could be on a one year 5M-6M deal with Brandon Webb, when healthy he is a legit ace.

What more attractive place for pitchers to build up their value if they are looking for a long term deal in 2012 than Petco Park. The problem with Vasquez, Harang, Millwood and Westbrook is, none of those pitchers are head and shoulder upgrades to the current Padres starting staff. There will be other non-tender candidates later in the off season as well. In fact, I would like the Padres to go after Chris Young and Brandon Webb.

In 2007 the Padres re-signed the 41 year old Gregg Maddux for $10MM. He earned the same amount the previous season, when he posted a 14-11 record with a 4.14 earned-run average in 34 starts for San Diego. The Padres surprised the baseball community when they signed Jon Garland last off season and he was one of the more attractive pitchers available.

I would love for the Padres to invest in a similar move and do not think it would be out of the question to try to sign both Webb and CY. Chris Young would undoubtedly have to take a pay cut. That could also be the best way for both Young and Webb to regain their value on a competitive team without breaking the bank. Knowing Jed Hoyer’s emphasis is on top of the rotation starting pitchers. Keeping in mind that both pitchers have known injury problems, if one, or both were near healthy, the Padres could have the best rotation in the NL, much of the reason the Giants were so successful.

Free Agent pitchers:

Starting pitchers

  • Erik Bedard (32)
  • Jeremy Bonderman (28)
  • Dave Bush (31)
  • Bruce Chen (34)
  • Kevin Correia (30) – Type B
  • Doug Davis (35)
  • Jorge De La Rosa (30) – Type A
  • Justin Duchscherer (33)
  • Jeff Francis (29)
  • Freddy Garcia (35)
  • Jon Garland (31) – Type B
  • Rich Harden (29)
  • Aaron Harang (33)
  • Hiroki Kuroda (36)
  • Cliff Lee (32) – Type A
  • Anthony Lerew (28)
  • Braden Looper (36)
  • Pedro Martinez (39)
  • Rodrigo Lopez (35)
  • Kevin Millwood (36) – Type B
  • Sergio Mitre (30)
  • Brian Moehler (39)
  • Jamie Moyer (48)
  • Vicente Padilla (33)
  • Carl Pavano (35) – Type A
  • Brad Penny (33)
  • Andy Pettitte (39) – Type A
  • Nate Robertson (33)
  • Ian Snell (29)
  • Jeff Suppan (36)
  • Hisanori Takahashi (36)
  • Javier Vazquez (34) – Type B
  • Jarrod Washburn (36)
  • Brandon Webb (32)
  • Todd Wellemeyer (32)
  • Jake Westbrook (33)
  • Dontrelle Willis (29)
  • Chris Young (32)

The Padres need another top of the rotation starter, not just a guy to come in and help the youngsters with their workload. A guy who can pitch along Latos and dominate any team. There are very few of those guys on the free agent market.  Some other potential middle, to top of the rotation starters that have been rumored potential trade candidates that could be appealing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  •  A.J.Burnett
  • Edwin Jackson
  • James Shields
  • Matt Garza
  • Jeremy Guthrie
  • Derek Lowe