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Know Thy Enemy: Arizona Diamondbacks 

dbacksThis is our last extension of Know Thy Enemy.  The DBacks covered for us by Scott Allen from

1. How is your team significantly different this year from last?

Not much difference at all.  The starting rotation is probably where the biggest change occurred, picking up Ian Kennedy, Edwin Jackson, and Rodrigo Lopez – replacing Doug Davis, Max Scherzer, Jon Garland. 

2. List the projected Opening Day lineup and starting rotation.

Not sure what the batting order will be however here is the projected lineup on Monday

1B Adam Laroche
2B Kelly Johnson
SS Stephen Drew
3B Mark Reynolds
RF Justin Upton
CF Chris Young
LF Conor Jackson
C Miguel Montero
P Dan Haren

3. What are two reasons for optimism for the upcoming season?

Being in the NL West and having an explosive offense

4. What is the greatest area of concern this year for your team?

The Bullpen without a doubt

5. What is one player we should look out for, and why?

Conor Jackson.  We all know what Mark Reynolds and Justin Upton will offer. 

The question will be on the return of Conor Jackson, who missed most of last season with Valley Fever. 

He didn’t have a great spring, so it should be interesting to see how that translates to the regular season. 

6. How do you rank the NL West for 2010?

Let’s be honest, it’s not the best division in baseball. 

Some say it might be the weakest, but I don’t believe that with the Dbacks offense, the Dodgers offense and bullpen,

the Rockies offense and up and comers Giants and Padres.



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