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Know Thy Enemy: San Francisco Giants 

2010 Giants preview (M.C. O’Connor, Raising Matt Cain)

Giants PNG1. How is your team significantly different this year from last?

GM Brian Sabean spent $27M on free agents Aubrey Huff (1B), Freddy Sanchez (2B), and Mark DeRosa (LF), hoping to upgrade one of the worst offenses in the league. Long-time RF and fan-favorite Randy Winn is now a Yankee, and ex-Olympian Nate Schierholtz has the inside track on the job, with former Long Beach State star John Bowker a close second. Phenoms Buster Posey (C) and Madison Bumgarner (SP) will probably start the season in the minors, but Posey’s bat is too potent to keep out of the lineup, he should get an early call-up. Bumgarner will certainly get more than the 10 IP he had last year. Lefty Dan Runzler, the Minor League Reliever of the Year in 2009, is expected to to play a bigger role



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