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Logan Forsythe: Scouting Report 

Forsythe1Logan Forsythe is a third baseman by trade, he played there at the University of Arkansas and in his first year of pro ball. He moved to second base last season so that he and James Darnell could get on the field at the same time in San Antonio. The thinking at the time was, according to rumor, that Forsythe being the more athletic of the two would acclimate better to a position change. It is that natural athleticism that makes Logan such an attractive prospect. He has a batting eye that would be the envy of most any prospect, (or major leaguer for that matter) and that patience and recognition is his signature as a player. It is the athleticism, in my opinion, that sets him apart from similar prospects. He is not especially fast or strong but looks natural on the diamond and even more so in the batter