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Make do or Dye? 

Jermaine Dye

With the Padres outfielders Gwynn, Venable, (Blanks now on the DL) having a troubling start to the season, should the Padres entertain the thought of adding Jermaine Dye to contend in the NL West? The Padres do have other viable options other than Dye. What would the outfield be? Blanks, (if he returns) Venable and Dye. Or Hairston/Gwynn Jr. Venable, and Dye? That’s one slow outfield that does not exactly fit Jed Hoyer’s philosophy of playing Petco to an advantage, which thus far has worked out nicely. However, it could possibly benefit Adrian with protection and the Padres offensive woes. The problem is all the Padres everyday outfielders are playing poorly.

Last year after the All-Star break, Dye hit .179 with seven bombs. In the first half he was hitting was hitting .302 with 20 home runs. That is a significant drop off in a very friendly park for hitters. With declining defense at the latter stage in his career, you have to wonder how much he has left.