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Friarhood Members Only 

Friarhood Members Only

2013 Friarhood Membership Card designed by: Scott Colson

2013 Friarhood Membership Card designed by: Scott Colson

We are excited to announce the launch our Friarhood Membership Program for 2013.  Of course we appreciate all the people that visit, but those of you that spend your hard earned money to support the website deserve a little more from us.  From the inception of the website, I’ve been asked, “How do I become part of the Friarhood”?  As Padres fans, you are all part of the Friarhood.  However, the most loyal members are considered the “congregation”.  These are not only fans that love the Padres, but also proudly represent the Friarhood.

98 Friarhood Shirt

98 Shirts

Keep Calm and Beat LA

Keep Calm and Beat LA shirts

This year we have set up a Friarhood membership program.

Annual membership fee is a whopping $5 or free if you purchase a shirt in the Friarhood Shop.  Yes, if you’ve previously purchased a shirt from the Friarhood shop, then you will be grandfathered into the program.  Once a member you will need to pick up your membership card (will be available before opening day).  You will be able to use your Friarhood Membership card (pictured to the upper left, designed by Congregation member Scott Colson) at Friarhood Friendly locations listed below for great deals throughout the year.  You will also have first shot to get tickets in the Friarhood section at Petco Park, and will be the first notified for special events and exclusive offers via our Congregation Newsletter.

Friarhood Friendly Locations

  • Titled Kilt (Gaslamp only) -20% off food & beverage on non game days, 25% off food & beverage during televised padres away games
  • Sports Roses – Free baseball rose on your first purchase, just click here to activateFriarhood Blue

Friarhood LadiesFriarhood Brown






If you are affiliated with a local business and would like to find out more about becoming a Friarhood Friendly Location, please send an email to steveadler AT



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Steve is the founder of the Friarhood