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Mid Season Roster Changes in the Minors 

Padres Minor League Roster Changes- First Half 2010

Mid-season roster changes are common in the minor leagues, as well as in- season changes. There is much more movement in the minor system that creates drastic changes in teams through the season. That is part of the reason for naming champions for the two halves. There are many more to come but here is a recap of the mid changes made in the last week.

Portland Beavers:

Steve Garrison has moved between LE and Portland for his starts after coming off rehab. He is currently with Portland.

Cedric Hunter was promoted from SA to Porland.

Mark Worrell qualified for and filed for free agency. He was half of the Khalil Greene trade (the other being Luke Gregerson).

Kyle Phillips acquired by the Padres in trade and assigned to Portland. He is a much needed extra catcher for the system.

Will Inman placed on DL for elbow strain.