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Mike Dee Addresses Media, I Address Mike Dee 

Mike Dee addressed San Diego media today after the firing of general manager Josh Byrnes.  The Padres were kind enough to tweet some of the press conference.  With that said, here are the tweets and one man’s snarky responses to them.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Dee: “We think highly of Josh both personally and professionally.” “We wish Josh and Charity and their family the best moving forward.”

Solid start, right out of the executive handbook.  A little disappointed Dee didn’t also thank Byrnes for the selection of Johnny Manziel

Dee:”This decision was not made in a day or two or a week or two…This is a team we had high expectations for…they have not been reached”

So they’ve wanted to replace Byrnes for a while now?  As the GM Byrnes is responsible drafting, developing, and fielding a major league team with a thrift store budget. So essentially on paper he needs to put together a decent team for Black.  Considering a lot of pundits felt the Padres could be a wild card team, it would seem as though Byrnes accomplished that.

“We’re going to look forward, not backwards. The search begins for a new general manager today.” -Dee

Wait!  Dee just said they have been thinking about firing Byrnes for not days or weeks but longer, yet the new GM search starts today?  I’m not sure if that wasn’t well thought out or I was just lied to.

Dee says new GM hire will be made “as soon as possible,” but no timetable announced. Says they don’t want to rush the important decision.

Awesome.  Glad to hear they want to make sure they make the right hire.  Hopefully this means a guy from an organization that has a great track record in drafting, developing, and keeping talent.  Cardinals, A’s, Rays to name a few.

“Buddy [Black] will be our manager at least through the duration of the 2014 season.” -Dee

WHAT.  THE.  FRAK!  No manager has lost more games in baseball the last eight seasons than Black, the country club(house) is a huge mess, and most of the offense is performing at career lows, but Black stays?  Also, if you are going to bring in a new GM isn’t that his decision?

Dee says the team will hire great baseball people to make the best baseball decisions for the organization.

Says the guy responsible for drafting Johnny Manziel…

Dee points out the payroll was raised by 25% this year and that they do not consider themselves a small market team. “We want to compete.”

21st highest payroll in the league.  So they are in the bottom third, but barely.  #15 (Orioles) sits at $107M.  So if payroll decreases next season what message will that send to the fan base?  The only way they increase payroll is by making a few significant moves to add payroll, which would likely mean sending away top prospects.  Also, how can you expect fans to believe you want to compete when you still employ a manager that in eight seasons with the team has never made the playoffs?

“This is going to be a process that will enable us to build a best-in-class baseball organization.” -Mike Dee

I’m not even sure what that means.  Best-in-class?  Economy class?  Compact Class?  Don’t get me wrong I think the food/beverage and media/marketing has improved by leaps and bounds under Scott Marshall and Wayne Partello, but let’s not confuse ballpark ops and baseball ops.  Or does Dee mean the Padres will be the best mid-market team on the field?

I’m just having a little fun with the tweets.  I know that no one is better than putting a positive spin on something than the Padres, but some of these comments are a bit over the top for me.  Either way, the Padres are moving forward, towards the trading deadline with a three-headed GM team.  If that doesn’t scream trend setters, I’m not sure what does.



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