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Minor Thoughts- Chronicles of Panama: No Lion, No Witch, and a lack of Wardrobe 

Ladies and gentlemen!  It has been far too long.  Have you missed me?  If you feel that lump in your throat and finding yourself incapable of responding, there is no doubt your answer is: YES!!!!  Now, where did I leave off?!  What’s happened since I last left my “Minor Thoughts” post (which now has a new home on…..)  Well, quite a bit.  Allow me to give you the short version.  I ended up missing 3 months of the season due to my ankle injury.  I came back, had a great playoffs, helped win the Texas League Championship, named me Texas League player of the playoffs (the folks loved that), and have been shipped off to Panama for some winter ball action (FYI: that’s Panama- the country, not Panama City Florida)!  I left out quite a bit in between: a short time at home, family tattoo day,  possibly a belly button ring story…… But I will get to all that in the book I fully intend on writing someday.  Now, to the matters at hand.

You may be asking: “Cody, why winter ball?”  Good question, allow me to get on that with some thinking……. Well, if a minor leaguer misses quite a few at bats during the season, say- three months worth, it’s pretty important to make those up.  My goal was to get an invite to the AZ Fall League, but they picked my little brother Jaff instead.  I was asked if I was interested in playing in Panama, my answer was yes for multiple reasons.  1- Make up at bats, and 2- get to see baseball in a different country.  This is the first year of the Panamanian Winter League, and I am playing for the Diablicos de Azuero.  I thought it would be cool.  And so far, so good.  Just 25 at bats at this point, and I’m moving around the infield.  Mostly been playing third base, which has been fun thus far.  Another upside about Panama is that the food here is great!  And I’m not kidding, really good restaurants.  Me and the 3 other American guys on the team found a local restaurant called “Memories” that we have made our home away from home.  They had karaoke, and I took care of business with Elvis Presley’s “Jail House Rock”. (Video Proof)

They love us there……  At least we think they do, we can’t understand what anyone is saying, so really they could be making fun of us to our faces and we’d never know it.

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P.S.  The movie Drive was fantastic, and if you didn’t like it we are no longer friends……

Until next time: Same bat time, same bat channel….