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MLB Tributes Hoffman with NL Award Honors 

Looks like the bell hasn’t stopped tolling, and it will continue to do so at least once a year – if not more.

Major League Baseball announced today that the annual Relief Pitcher awards (formerly known as the “Delivery Man of the Year Award” from 2005-2013, and the “Rolaids Relief Man Award” from 1976-2012) handed out at the end of each season would be named after two of the greatest closers of all time: The New York Yankee’s Mariano Rivera and San Diego’s own Trevor Hoffman.

Fittingly, the AL award will be named after Rivera (652 career saves) and the NL award will be named after Hoffman (601 career saves). These designations would make sense as Rivera spent his entire career in the American League with the Yankees and Hoffman spent his entire career in the National League.

The award will be officially named the “Trevor Hoffman National League Relief Pitcher of the Year Award.” In order for a reliever to receive these honors, a panel of Hall of Fame caliber relief pitchers will vote on candidates at the end of each season.

Hoffman played his final game at the age of 42 back in 2010 with the Milwaukee Brewers, collecting 10 saves in his final season. Trevor spent a total of 18 years in the majors. 16 of those years were spent in San Diego, from 1993-2008.

Rivera retired just last season after 19 years in the majors.

The award will debut at the close of the 2014 regular season.



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