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New digital drawing: Yonder Alonso 

Started this one back in late May when Alonso was really starting to come into his own at the plate and on the field. Unfortunately his hand was broken by being hit by a pitch. With word he will be back on July 1st, I thought I’d finish it up.
I used the procreate at on iPad. Drawn mainly with 6B pencil,and flat shader for color. Used layers of airbrushing behind drawing to give more color to flesh tones and Marpat jersey.
Yonder does this gesture after each homer it seems. Comment if you know what it means.




About the author: Jeremy Nash

Lifelong Padres fan born in 1978 to two San Diegans but raised in Northern California. Aspiring artist in both traditional and digital art. Raising two children the only way I know, as San Diego Sports fans. If interested in commissioned art or prints, email me at