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NL West Rumor Mill: 7/15/13 

Ramirez Open to Extension With Dodgers

Looks like the Padres and the rest of the NL West could be seeing Hanley Ramirez in a Dodgers uniform for quite some time. According to Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times, Ramirez would like to stay with the team for the rest of his career if he could, “But I can’t control that,” he said.

Whatever happens, it sure seems like Ramirez has enjoyed his time in L.A. so far. His last year as a Marlin, it was obvious that he was not pleased about a position change from shortstop to third base. However, since his arrival in L.A., the Dodgers organization has been open about Ramirez being their starting  shortstop despite questions otherwise. 

With Ramirez back at his natural position, he not only looks more comfortable on the field, but also at the plate. And when a player of his caliber is comfortable at the plate, opposing teams should be worried.

Diamondbacks Connected to Garza

ESPN’s Jon Bowden hears there is an 80% chance that Cubs starter Matt Garza is dealt before his next start, which some people suspect could be Saturday. The Rangers, Nationals, Red Sox, Indians and Rockies have recently been connected to Garza, and according to Bowden, the Arizona Diamondbacks have also been added to the list of interested teams.



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