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Offseason Reports: Cabrera Re-Instated; Headley Undergoes Surgery 

While the regular season has come to a close for the Padres, the formalities of roster moves and physical wellness continued to play out for the team. The team announced Monday evening that shortstop Everth Cabrera had been reinstated to the team’s official 40-man roster while third baseman Chase Headley successfully underwent arthroscopic surgery Tuesday afternoon.

While the announcement of Cabrera’s return is more symbolic than functional since the team has entered the offseason, the news regarding Headley gives fans hope that a rebound could be in store for next season.

Cabrera, as you may recall, was suspended for 50-games back in August after violating the MLB drug abuse policy for his connection to the Biogensis PED scandal that rocked the league. Prior to his suspension, Cabrera led the National League with 37 stolen bases and was having a breakout season that catapulted him to being the Padres lone All-Star representative at Citi Field in New York for the 2013 mid-summer classic.

Cabrera finished out his short 95-game season with a .283 batting average and a career high 108 hits. Cabrera saw improvements in hitting against left-handed pitchers and generally became a much more productive and powerful part of the Padres offensive arsenal this past season.

With the PED scandal and his suspension behind him, Cabrera intends on working out and preparing for Spring Training and the 2014 season. Cabrera intends on becoming “better person with a better attitude toward the game… I want to pay back this team and the fans,” he said. “I want to be a special player in this game.

Headley, on the other hand, played through the entirety of his 2013 season while suffering from a torn medial meniscus (torn muscle in his left knee). Headley, who had an All-Star caliber 2012 campaign that saw him collect both a Silver Slugger and a Golden Glove Award, slumped considerably in 2013 finishing with a .250 batting average with 50 RBI and 13 homeruns. Those numbers are in contrast to last season where he bat .286 with 115 RBI (he was the NL leader in this category) and 31 Homeruns (a career high for Headley).

Headley had apparently felt discomfort in his left knee throughout the season, but despite the pain he wanted to soldier through and stay on the field. The surgery that Headley went through went off without a hitch and the veteran third baseman is expected to be fully heal within 4-6 weeks. Headley will be eligible for arbitration in 2014 and will enter free agency in 2015, barring any deals from the Padres.



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