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Open Discussion: Padres Uniform Colors 

Andrew Casher
Which Color Would you Add to the Padres Uniforms?

Which Color Would you Add to the Padres Uniforms?

Much has been made about the Padres colors and how boring they are.  As we celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the 1998 team that won the National League Pennant here on Friarhood, it made me think… What if the Padres added a third color?

I know that the Brown crew is already screaming, but for a minute please put away your pitch forks and torches.  Most people do like the brown and gold, especially in moderation, but it’s not going to happen.  You (lover of brown and gold) have proven that you will still buy brown and gold when the team wears blue and grey, so for the Padres it’s a win-win.  For the purpose this exercise let’s take the old school brown and gold color scheme out of the equation.  After all, we are just adding one color.

I know that some really like the brown for the uniqueness of it.  In theory that’s great, but in reality the color needs to have mass appeal.  The Padres aren’t trying to be a rebellious teen, they are trying to sell merchandise (and ideally establish an identity).  In an effort to meet in the middle, I believe adding a third color could add some zip to the uniform as well as break away from the blue/grey format that people feel is boring.

Color schemes are to the right, vote on the pool and leave you comments, after all, this is an open discussion.




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