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Open Discussion: The Return of Cameron Maybin 

Cameron Maybin is going to return to the Padres this week.  The question is… What then?

Maybin is due $23MM through 2016, with a club option of $9MM in 2017.  Since signing the extension Maybin has a slash line of .233/.298/.335.  Not exactly what the Padres were hoping for after a breakout 2011 (.264/.323/.393) at the age of 24.

The return of Maybin will likely mean decreased playing time for Chris Denorfia as well as the demotion of Kyle Blanks or Jesus Guzman.

Kyle Blanks with very inconsistent opportunities has put up a respectable line of .267/.363/.419 in 86 ABs.

  • v. LHP 2013- 12-38 .316/.422/.421
  • Pinch hitting – 1-5 .200/.200/.200

Jesus Guzman in 80 ABs has compiled a line of .200/.281/.288.  For the most part Guzman’s value is off the bench and versus left-handed pitching.

  • v. LHP 2012 – 37-122 .303/.401/.541
  • v. LHP 2013- 10-45 .222/.286/.289
  • Pinch hitting 2012 – 11-43 .256/.340/.465
  • Pinch hitting 2013 – 3-18 .167/.286/.333

When Maybin returns next week the Padres will face a tough decision.

  1. Option Kyle Blanks
  2. Option Jesus Guzman

Then hope that Maybin can return to form; otherwise the Padres will have a very expensive defensive replacement on the team.

Out of the box thinking:  The Padres could place Maybin on waivers in hopes that another team would claim him and pick up the contact.

On the farm in CF:

Time to play arm-chair general manager, how do you handle the return of Cameron Maybin?



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