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Open Discussion: What is Chase Headley Worth? 

Chase Headley

As the Padres and Josh Byrnes continue to put together a World Series team this winter, the big question still is… What are they going to do with Chase Headley.  Those of you that have been with us for a while will remember that I said you trade him or sign him, but can’t sit on him.  Why?  Because of a situation like this.

Headley is heading into his last season of team control and it will likely be his last with the team.  The question fans have is how much is Chase Headley worth.  The reality is that Chase is worth what the market will give him, which likely is more than the Padres are willing to offer.   Here’s what we know about Headley, he isn’t the guy that put up MVP numbers, nor is he the player that struggled to hit his weight at the beginning of 2013 coming off an injury.

So who is Headley?  Let’s take a quick look at the last three seasons after removing the outliers.

2011 – .289/.374/.399 (113 games – 381 Abs – 33 XBH)

2012 – .267/.368/.413 (86 games – 315 Abs – 29 XBH) 1st half

2013 – .280/.371/.458 (59 games – 214 Abs – 25 XBH) 2nd half

Last three seasons total (with outliers)

11-13 – .274/.366/.439 (415 games – 1505 Abs – 147 XBH)

holidayHe will enter 2014 at the age of 29 and has a gold glove in his locker.  Lastly, hate to point out the obvious, but he plays half his games at Petco National Park, so his offensive numbers are suppressed.

Headley plays great defense, he’s a leader in the clubhouse, and he plays in a ballpark that suppresses offense.   We also know that Headley strikes out too much, he struggled to drive runners in last year, and he has dealt with some injuries the last couple seasons.

So what is a player worth that has great character, great defense at a premium position and is going to put a line together around .275/.370/.430 with 50 XBH’s?

  • 31 year old Jhonny Peralta  coming off of a PED suspension signed a 4 year – $52MM deal with the Cardinals.
  • 31 year old utility man Omar Infante signed a 4 year – $30MM deal with the Royals.

The bigger question for Padres fans is… Are the Padres willing to pay a player they developed fair market value?   Let’s save that for another discussion.

Given the market, what do you think Headley is worth on the open market?



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