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Padres 100 to 1 to win the World Series 

Vegas thinks the Padres have little chance of winning the World Series, currently the Padres odds are at 100-1.  It should come as no surprise that a team that finished in 4th place and has done nothing to improve during the first half of the off-season is still considered a long shot.  With 2013 in full swing we can look forward to the second half of the off-season and possibly a few minor adjustments to the Padres roster.

For those of you that like to place a wager or two on sports, March is a great time to bet on March Madness, the NHL/NBA playoffs, and baseball futures.  With that said, I thought we should take a quick look at the odds for the NL West

To win the World Series

  • Los Angeles – 7/1
  • San Francisco – 14/1
  • Arizona – 50/1
  • San Diego 100/1
  • Colorado 100/1


To win the National League

  • Los Angeles – 7/2
  • San Francisco – 7/1
  • Arizona – 25/1
  • San Diego – 50/1
  • Colorado – 50/1



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