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Padres Acquire Ian Kennedy for Thatcher and Prospects 

Via Corey Brock’s twitter account:

The #Padres deal with the #Dbacks: Get RHP Ian Kennedy for LHP Joe Thatcher, RHP Matt Stites (Double-A) and a draft pick (comp B).

Kennedy will be under the Padres control through 2015 with two years of arbitration remaining.  Kennedy’s struggles since 2011 are well documented, 18-20 4.47 ERA, 344 HA allowed in 332.1IP.  Kennedy and Padres GM Josh Byrnes do have history dating back to when Byrnes acquired Kennedy from the Yankees in his days as the Diamondbacks GM.

This is a calculated risk by the Padres front office and they didn’t give up much to do it.  The time was right to sell high on Joe Thatcher, Matt Stites is a promising bullpen arm, but the Padres have plenty of those.  The draft pick comp is a head scratcher, some pundits are saying it’s a PTBNL.  Either way, this was a risk worth taking for the Padres.

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  • Bryan

    I don’t have much to back this up but I like the move. He’s a fiery guy who isn’t afraid to come inside. Despite his struggles he has been relatively healthy and seems to be currently healthy, which the Padres could certainly use. Sean O’Sullivan wasn’t going to keep this up being on the ropes all game every game, so let’s get him out of there. Good move!

    • ballybunion

      Yes, O’Sullivan was flirting with danger, but still, only 3 earned runs in 12-1/3 innings, both “quality” starts (!). In the old days, that was considered very serviceable for a back of the rotation starter. It’s just that Kennedy, if he can be straightened out, has so much more upside that a turnaround makes him a front of the rotation starter.

  • ballybunion

    The buzz elsewhere is that like Quentin, Kennedy was suspended after a run-in with the Dodgers in a Greinke-pitched game. After that one, the heat on Quentin as a hothead dissipated quite a bit, since Greinke was involved in both brawls and people started having doubts. How many game do the Padres have left with the Dodgers, again?