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Padres add Cantu’s can-do bat to the bench 

A couple of weeks after saying that the Padres are “pretty much done,” Jed Hoyer has signed Jorge Cantu to a one year deal worth $850 thousand. The first-and-third baseman will help solidify the bench and provide right-handed relief for Chase Headley and Brad Hawpe.

Like so many of Jed’s other acquisitions this winter, Cantu had a down 2010. In his prior two seasons for the Florida Marlins, Cantu had a 106 wRC+ with 45 home runs and +4.0 wins. Then, in 2010, his SLG dipped below .400 and his OBP threatened to do the same with .300. There’s no clear cut culprit for why Cantu fell like he did, but it’s worth noting that Cantu’s K% rose over 20% for the first time since 2007.