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Padres Affiliates Among Top Sellers in MiLB 

Padres logoMinor League Baseball announced today that sales amongst their 160 ball clubs had generated over $54 million in merchandise and other licensed memorabilia during the 2012 season, ranking as the third most successful sales season that MiLB has had since its merchandising program was created in 1991. The 2012 season only ranks behind the 1994 season when Michael Jordan was active in the Minors and the 2008 season.

Along with this announcement, Minor League baseball released a list of its top 25 clubs in sales and among its top sellers were two Padres minor league affiliates: The Fort Wayne TinCaps (Single-A) and the Lake Elsinore Storm (Advanced Single-A). Both teams have also seen success on the playing field in recent years, with The TinCaps winning the Midwest League Championship in 2009 and The Storm winning the California League Championship in 2011. The TinCaps were also named Minor League Baseball’s “team of the year” in 2009 as well.

The Storm are certainly no stranger to the MiLB Merchandise market, as the team advertises its hats as
“The most popular logo in all of minor league baseball.” It’s also worth noting that the Storm earned a spot on the top 25 list of franchises in sales despite not utilizing the new store format, instead opting to use its own independent domain under the name of “Storm Threadz.”

Sales were recorded from January 1st 2012 to December 31st of 2012, and are based off of sales of items that utilizes a club’s logo such as hats, shirts, jerseys and other club-specific memorabilia. The Storm’s current logo (pictured here) uses an angry set of eyes, meant to symbolize the eye of a storm, which are a takeaway from a previous logo the club used of a tornado with a pair of eyes. The TinCaps logo (pictured here) utilizes a small red apple with a “tin cap,” or pot on its head.

Merchandise for each team can be purchased at Storm Threadz and The Tincaps Orchard Team Store.



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