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Padres and Devils Games Cancelled 

Padres and Devils won’t play against each other

The San Diego Padres announced the cancellation of the game against the Mexico Red Devils of the Mexican Baseball League (LMB), after a change in its schedule for the 2014 season.

Expectations for the Padres next season are not very high since the betting lines has them 70-1 to win the title while the favorites to win the World Series are Los Angeles Dodgers with 5-1. You can find the chances of the rest of the teams at

The directors of the San Diego squad reported that the game against the Mexican team was scheduled for March 27, but a change for the opener against Los Angeles Dodgers was the cause of the cancellation.

The Padres now will play their first game of the season on Sunday, March 30th, when it was originally scheduled for the day after.

As previously announced, the Padres will host the Cleveland Indians for two friendly games in San Diego before the start of the regular season. Both games will be played at the ballparks of the University of San Diego, Fowler Park and Cunningham Field, the first game on Friday, March 28th and the second on Saturday, March 29th.

“We are very excited to bring out the Major League Baseball to the collegiate here in San Diego, ” said Padres President and CEO Mike Dee. “As pre-season games, we will bring the atmosphere of spring training to our great fans in San Diego. We appreciate the support of Ky Snyder and the entire athletic department USD as well as the Cleveland Indians for their disposal”.

“Fowler Park is a true gem; we are very motivated to welcome the Padres to Fowler Park and show our facilities to the biggest audience of baseball”, said Ky Snyder, Executive Athletic Director of USD.



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