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Padres Close to Extending Carlos Quentin 

Jon Heyman of is reporting that the Padres are close to a 3-year extension with Carlos Quentin.  The deal would be for 27M and with bonuses could reach 30M total. 

This season Quentin has hit .279/.389/.525 in 40 games, but in 18 games at Petco National Park, Quentin is hitting .230/.309/.410.  Not a huge surprise that a Quentin, a fly ball hitter struggles at Petco.  Carlos is having a slow July .204/.286/.347 and is only hitting .189 with RISP this season.

Although I do admire that the Padres are trying to lock up players, I’m not sure investing $27-30M on a injury prone player with bad knees that will be in his 30’s during the length of the contract is a wise thing to do. 

With that said, I’m excited for the games that Quentin will play for the team and if/when the fences are moved in, it will benefit Quentin plenty.  Below is a spray chart of Quentin at Petco (provided by 

Random thought: If Alonso’s power isn’t able to develop, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Quentin play some first base down the road.  That would be a great way to take some pressure off of his knees and keep his bat in the lineup. 

Quentin at Petco