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Good, Bad, and Ugly 4/15 vs. Dodgers 

good bad and uglyUmpire Dale Scott helps Padres find a new way to lose.  Padres fall 5-4 in series finale
WP: Javy Guerra (1-0)
LP: Brad Brach (0-1)
Homeruns – LA: Matt Kemp (6)

The Good:

Chase Headley

  • 1-4 double and a BB.   Headley’s double extended his hitting streak to seven games. 
    Will Venable
  • 2-3 with a sacrifice.  Venable got the nob against left Clayton Kershaw and did not let Buddy down
  • Chris Denorfia

2-3 two doubles,RBI (4), BB.  Deno has a great line in 2012 -.278/.409/.611.  I would argue that he should be starting over Jesus Guzman at this point.

1-2 run scored, 2BB.  Hundley is able to break into the hit column after a single today.  It was only a matter of time, but hopefully this is the beginning of something for Hot Rod.      

The Bad:

Edinson Volquez

    • 5IP, 6H, 4ER, 2K, 5BB, 1 HRA.  Volquez continues to walk too many batters.  Not only that, he threw a ball to Matt Kemp that was over the plate.  I’m starting to think that the Padres are throwing to Kemp for the sole purpose of driving me crazy. 

The Ugly:

Dale Scott – HP Umpire

  • The Padres rallied to tie the game at four, in the ninth inning Alonso singled to start the inning, Headley then walked and Jesus Guzman attempted to bunt (Which is what cleanup hitters typically do, I suppose).  The ball was up and in, but hit off Guzman’s bat at which time Scott signaled the bunt attempt foul…Then fair.  The Dodgers went around the horn for a triple play.  Rally dead. Buddy ejected.  Fans pissed.

Pitching to Matt Kemp

  • Another day, another Kemp homerun.  Enough already. 

Losing to the Dodgers

  • If you are a Padres fan you root for two teams:

1.  The Padres

2.  The team playing the Dodgers

From the look of the Dodgers celebration, they won the World Series today.  Not sure how much beating the Padres will mean down the road, but the Padres are now 1-6 vs. the Dodgers.  I think next time these two teams meet, it’s important for the Padres to remind the Dodgers, they are done playing the little brother role.  


The one year anniversary of Friarhood Radio was Saturday.  I want to thank everyone for all the support you have given myself and the website.  We had a great show, if you missed any of it you can listen/download the podcasts here.  If you just want to listen to the interviews you are able to do that as well, here is the guest list from today with links attached. 

Mark Grant

Chase Headley

Josh Spence

Cody Decker

John Conniff of


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