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Padres GM Josh Byrnes Discusses Off-Season Needs 

Josh Byrnes joined former GM Jim Bowden and discussed team needs heading into the offseason.  Coming off another 76-86 season, Padres fans are wondering if the Friars are going to attempt to improve in hopes of a playoff birth or if they are content with the roster as is heading into 2014.

Despite seven seasons without a playoff birth, manager Bud Black remains on a cool seat heading into the winter.  Although the fan base is split on if he is the right man for the job, most that support him feel he needs a more talented roster if the team is going to make that jump.  The big question… Is Byrnes going to give Black the talent to compete?

Jim Bowden tweets:

Josh Byrnes told us the Padres biggest needs this off-season include; 1. LH Reliever 2. LH Bat 3. Better Health 4. General Up-Grades

1.  LH Reliever

Joe Thatcher was expendable and moved at last seasons trade deadline, but Tommy Layne (outrighted to AAA) and Colt Hynes (traded to Cleveland) weren’t able to take advantage of the opportunity.  Top LH pen arms available in free agency

according to

  1. Javier Lopez (36)
  2. Boone Logan (29)
  3. Manny Parra (31)
  4. Matt Thornton (37)
  5. Mike Gonzalez (35)
  6. Oliver Perez (32)
  7. J.P. Howell (30)

2.  LH Bat

That’s a little vague, but I’m guessing this is a bat off the bench.  The Clark/Kotsay/Stairs type.

3.  Better health

That’s a tough one to tackle.  The Carlos Quentin injuries are something fans have grown to accept.  The Yonder Alonso, Chase Headley, Yasmani Grandal, Cameron Maybin injuries are different.  With the exception of Headley we don’t know what we can expect from these young players especially Grandal and Maybin.  Bottom line:  Fans are sick of hearing about “if this guy was healthy”.  If you go into the season with a roster that has injury issues, then expecting a sizable contribution is unrealistic.

4.  General up-grades

Your guess is as good as mine on this one.  “If their is an opportunity to improve our roster we will do it”, seems fitting here.

With that said… What do you think the greatest needs for the Padres are heading into 2014?

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  • Buzzie Bavasi

    Greatest need? A new general manager.

  • Rick

    Totally disagree with number 1. Tommy Layne and Colt Hynes are fine pitchers. The problem is that the Padres have zero patience with young pitchers. If a young pitcher has a bad day, the Padres send him back to the minors, but when an experienced pitcher like Edinson Volquez pitches badly in start after start, he never loses his place in the rotation and it takes them two years to get rid of him. Hynes was excellent last year in the minors. The Padres have, for many years, valued over the hill players over young ones. How did Mark Kotsay do last year? The Padres traded a young David Freese so that they could have an over the hill Jim Edmonds limp around in the spacious center field at Petco. Three years ago the Padres were in first place when they decided to get rid of their young and talented shortstop Everth Cabrera and replace him with an over the hill Miguel Tejada, who had no range. they then fell apart and didn’t make the playoffs. The Padres won’t be successful until they start playing their young players and home grown players instead of checking out the waiver lines and discards from other teams.

  • TannedTom

    Greatest needs:
    1) New ownership, that realizes a increased payroll is an investment in their product, and that being competitive in the NL West cannot be done on the cheap.
    2) A GM who understands that this team sucks, and wholesale changes are needed.
    3) Stop making excuses, they are for losers. Yes health players are important, but Alonso is a 1B who hits like a SS, and Maybin is not a MLB hitter. Headley might bounce back, and Grandal still has promise.
    4) Clear the dead wood – trade Hundley, are they kidding with this spud? Dump all the “if only players”. Venable is 31, he’s fine for a 4th OF but that’s it. Trade Hundley, Alonso, Venable, Blanks, Denorfia, and Maybin. Move Quentin to 1B to spare his knees.
    5) Realize that a team is built in 3 ways: draft and development, trades, and free agent signings If you’re going to trade a star player you must get MLB-ready players back. The Peavy trade was laughable, and neither the Gonzales or Latos trades have yet worked out. They simply have to do better at this. And every year teams fill needs on the FA market, SD is one of the only teams that doesn’t. And they suck, any correlation here?
    6) Some FAs to consider: Garza (instant staff ace), Saltalamacchia (and trade Hundley), Omar Infante (if the team trades Headley, move Gyorko to 3B), Arroyo, maybe even Josh Johnson on a 1 year deal. If the club has any clue at all they will sign or trade Headley now and sign at least 1 of these 5 FAs.

  • MrWhamBam

    um, I’ll take a stab at this…

    ok, so….where a franchise like the Padres are concerned, I see things in ‘black and white’. There is no room for ‘grey’. Because when you give them wiggle room to show you ‘grey’, they will blow smoke up your butt, and tell you its something else, every time.

    This fanbase, HISTORICALLY, has a knack for giving our owners all kinds of passes, because we’re known far and wide to ‘look the other way’. The present owners, spent almost 1 billion bucks for this baseball team.Thats right, I said “almost a BILLION BUCKS”. Over 800 million dollars was spent on this team. Thats close enuf to 1 billion for me.

    ..and then subsequent to the purchase, the best that they could do was to send our GM to the Winter Meetings to re-sign Jason Marquis.

    that should tell you everything you need to know about their agenda last season. Now, here’s the kicker..and this is what fans remain in the dark about:

    the OMalley/Seidler boys, put a bid in to buy the Dodgers again. But they didnt get it, obviously. Now, given their attempt, do you think for one minute that the Dodger fanbase would have allowed them to do, essentially, NOTHING at the Winer Meetings? you think for one minute that they would NOT have been sweating what their season ticket sales would be looking like going into 2013, given a retread acquisition like Jason Marquis?

    granted, they probably would not have had the balls to trade for Adrian and all the guys that were traded for at the deadline, but there isnt a person alive or dead, who can tell me that they would have done NOTHING, upon buying the Dodgers. But lo and behold, they come to SD and screw us over,with all their penny pinching.

    Now, something is wrong with that picture, Im sorry..

    I needed to say that before I posted anything about what I think they should do this offseason. Because if we’re really being honest with ourselves, I dont see them doing much to make this team better. I think they’ll make some moves, because fans are disgusted…but it’ll be more akin to smoke and mirrors, than any REAL attempt to put us in a position to do some real damage next year. As my Dad would say, “they’ll do enough to get fans out of their faces”.

    If I spent all the money they spent to buy this team, there are two things that I would do right off the bat, given the justified leariness of this fanbase, that they refused to do IMMEDIATELY…

    1) I would have gone out of my way to make sure that my GM had whatever resources he needed to get and keep the attention of this fanbase. Even if I had to overspend for it, I would encourage my GM to make it happen. And then I would go on Padres radio, to all the guys on 1090’s daily lineup, to tell them, “we’re in it to win..and this new ownership group will do all we can to put this team in contention of winning the World Series, NOT JUST THE DIVISION!”…Thats how you make your mark with this fanbase.

    2) I would also put distance between myself I(the owner) and the last two guys who owned this team…and I would first tell the players that very thing, before I went on Padres radio to say it again, for the fans to hear. You wanna get the ear of your fans and keep their atttention?…thats how you do it. Let them know that there’S a new sheriff in town. And make no apologies for your predecessors. You should drop the hammer on Moorad/Moores…and say any and everything you can to let fans know that you wont be operating like those two jerk offs. And if it sounds like you’re throwing those SOBs under the bus, so be it.

    ..but fo course, they cant and wont do that, because Fowler was a minority thru both of those regimes. And that basically means that he was on board for everything that Moorad/Moores did not and would not do..

    what do we need?

    we need an everyday, DIFFERENCE MAKING, outfielder, who can play decent defense and put the bat on the ball, on a regular basis, with a good amount of consistency. With power and a decent average. Why do I ask for too much?..because if you don’t make it known that we should have that kind of player, then “he” will NEVER appear in this town.. Why should we always get the ‘scraps’, left over from what the GMs picked thru after the Winter Meetings?….doesnt a smaller payroll team like the Rays have a difference maker in Evan Longoria?…dont the Pirates have two in McCutchen and Alvarez?…dont the Marlins have one in Stanton?

    I wanna see them look into acquiring a guy like Beltran or Trumbo, or even a guy like Nelson Cruz. I dont wanna see ‘scrap heap guys’ or guys that know nothing but being a part of a platoon. I wanna see them acquire an impact bat, for cryin out loud.

    what else do we need?…

    I keep hearing how solid people think our bullpen is on the back end of it with Street, Gregerson and Vincent?…uh, excuse me. But am I the only one, NOT smoking anything here?. Let me very, very blunt, here. If this team is remotely thinking about being in the post season as soon as next season, they need to STOP thinking that Street will be the closer that gets them there. Can that fix that issue as the season goes deeper?…sure they can. But I want them to stop telling me that they’re in good hands with a guy in Street who is always on the DL, cant seem to pitch more than one damm inning, and does NOT have the kind of stuff that misses bats.

    who compares to him?…Romo and Uehara, both, throw about as hard as Street. Which aint hard. But they have a command of their pitches that he does NOT have, most of the time. I miss the days when we had closers who shut games down, without taking a week to get 3 outs.

    Gregerson is NOT a closer..not a full time onem, anyway…And as of late, he’s another one, who hitters are not intimidated by.

    Vincent, is still pretty green…he’s evolving, but in no shape form or fashion do I think he should just be handed the 7th inning, set up gig.

    do we need another starter?

    yea, I think it wouldnt hurt. A veteran who has been there and done it. We’ve always had one, during those yrs when we were contending. Why break rank now. We had one in Garland in 2010…we had two in Boomer Wells and Maddux,in 2007…we had two again, in Wells and Williams in 2006. And we had an ace in Peavy who carried himself like a veteran, in 2005.

    bottom line, I WANT A MAX EFFORT FROM THIS FRONT OFFICE. They keep saying they’re gonna be more about delivering than giving us lip service. Well, lets see ’em put that 800 million where their mouths are, for a change.

  • Jerry McIntyre

    Tom and Whambam you both have made great posts. There is no doubt that the Padres need to increase payroll by at least 40 million an ad some young power starting pitchers and hitters. But at the same time we can’t ignore a lot of the players from last years roster. If it wasn’t for the April debacle with all of the losses the Padres would have had a much better finish in the standings.
    From a GM’s standpoint festering wounds that hurt the team should be lanced, it’s beyond me how long you kept Volquez, and Clayton Richard just wasn’t makin it. These two accounted for a lot of losses.
    Buy some hard throwers, a veteran LH bat and for god sake stop sending away super stars like Adrian, Jake et al…Ozzie…