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Padres GM Josh Byrnes Discusses Off-Season Needs 

Josh Byrnes joined former GM Jim Bowden and discussed team needs heading into the offseason.  Coming off another 76-86 season, Padres fans are wondering if the Friars are going to attempt to improve in hopes of a playoff birth or if they are content with the roster as is heading into 2014.

Despite seven seasons without a playoff birth, manager Bud Black remains on a cool seat heading into the winter.  Although the fan base is split on if he is the right man for the job, most that support him feel he needs a more talented roster if the team is going to make that jump.  The big question… Is Byrnes going to give Black the talent to compete?

Jim Bowden tweets:

Josh Byrnes told us the Padres biggest needs this off-season include; 1. LH Reliever 2. LH Bat 3. Better Health 4. General Up-Grades

1.  LH Reliever

Joe Thatcher was expendable and moved at last seasons trade deadline, but Tommy Layne (outrighted to AAA) and Colt Hynes (traded to Cleveland) weren’t able to take advantage of the opportunity.  Top LH pen arms available in free agency

according to

  1. Javier Lopez (36)
  2. Boone Logan (29)
  3. Manny Parra (31)
  4. Matt Thornton (37)
  5. Mike Gonzalez (35)
  6. Oliver Perez (32)
  7. J.P. Howell (30)

2.  LH Bat

That’s a little vague, but I’m guessing this is a bat off the bench.  The Clark/Kotsay/Stairs type.

3.  Better health

That’s a tough one to tackle.  The Carlos Quentin injuries are something fans have grown to accept.  The Yonder Alonso, Chase Headley, Yasmani Grandal, Cameron Maybin injuries are different.  With the exception of Headley we don’t know what we can expect from these young players especially Grandal and Maybin.  Bottom line:  Fans are sick of hearing about “if this guy was healthy”.  If you go into the season with a roster that has injury issues, then expecting a sizable contribution is unrealistic.

4.  General up-grades

Your guess is as good as mine on this one.  “If their is an opportunity to improve our roster we will do it”, seems fitting here.

With that said… What do you think the greatest needs for the Padres are heading into 2014?

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