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Padres May Have Offered Chase Headley a Contract This Offseason 

The Padres may have offered Chase Headley a contract this offseason.  Jon Heyman of is reporting:

According to sources familiar with the talks, the Padres made an offer this winter to the third-base star Headley of a three-year extension that would have covered years 2015-17 for somewhere between $33 million and $39 million.

The three-year extension offer, made after the sides agreed on a one-year deal for 2014, would have begun after Headley played this year for $10.525 million, giving him a total package of somewhere between $43.525 million and $49.525 million.

Heyman does note that neither side has confirmed an offer was made, so at this point, it’s Heyman against the world.  Heyman, well known for being a whipping boy for agents tends to float out a lot of “insider” info.  Some has legs, some doesn’t.  So until someone blinks, I’m going to be skeptical.

At first glance, the offer isn’t unreasonable, however if you are Chase Headley and his agent, you will surely earn more in the open market.  With that said, it’s a nice offer from San Diego’s side, but it’s asking for a San Diego discount.  Headley’s value for most teams will be his numbers away from Petco, posting career slash line .291/.364/.449/.813

From a San Diego fan perspective paying a player north of $10MM a year may seem foreign, but if Headley was on the Brewers this year he would be the 7th highest paid player on the team, 5th highest on the Braves or the Nationals.  2B Aaron Hill of the Diamondbacks has a 3-year contract with $35MM.  You can say that teams overpay in free agency, and I won’t argue that, but it’s also relative and if you are a team that isn’t willing to retain your best players, then you’re a team that isn’t going to be competitive with any consistency.  Fun talking point, but we’ve all known for a while that it’s highly unlikely that Chase Headley will be wearing a Padres uniform in 2015.



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