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Padres Message Board 

It was brought to my attention today that the Padres Message Board link has been removed from fan section drop down.

For years I trolled around those boards, spouting off frustration and debating the teams future with other passionate and knowledgeable Padres fans.  I have noticed in the last two years the board has not had the same flare.  Comments were decreasing and the board was becoming overrun with negativity.  With the social media movement, twitter and facebook have allowed for faster communication between fans and I believe that has taken away from forums and message boards. 

At we have a message board / fan forums that allows your to interact with fans.  Share your opinion, your knowledge, or just your views on how the team can improve.  You can check it out here.

At this time the Padres message board is still up and you can check it out here has a forum that has been around for years.