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Padres Musings: Preller, Trade Deadline 

I’m in El Paso for a few days to watch the Chihuahuas and wanted to share some random thoughts regarding the Padres…

AJ Preller is Dee’s guy. Expect him to show faith in the guy. Only reason he would turn on him is if Dee’s job was in jeopardy.

No one of this Padres roster is safe. I get the impression that Preller would trade his own mother if it meant an upgrade elsewhere.

Yonder Alonso is a great “sell high” candidate. Keep in mind his avg is now down to .296. In July he’s hitting .192/.276.192 with 0 XBH

Derek Norris is a hit–first catcher that is now hitting .240. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him moved, but he doesn’t have a ton of value either

Justin Upton is a tough situation. Has more value to SDP because he can hit in Petco. However, Matt Kemp and Melvin Upton’s contracts may complicate things.

J-UP is a guy that can bring you a few impact young guys. Much more value than 1st round pick and SDP can go all in during offseason bids

James Shields contract was team friendly the first year. Padres could eat some money and get a great return from another team in trade for him.

Ian Kennedy isn’t going to bring much back. Not because he hasn’t pitched well of late, but because the market will be flooded with better talent

Will Venable and Benoit will be best short-term chips. I’d expect low level high-upside prospects for them.

Andrew Cashner has most value on the staff. I’d expect to see him moved for major league ready prospect. I think Ross stays in SD.

I’d expect to see Craig Kimbrel moved. Still has plenty of value and has pitched well. AJP will need that $ to use in other areas moving forward

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