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Padres Offensive Woes Cause Rizzo-Mania 


With the Padres’ offensive woes, the fans are screaming for the promotion of Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo is tearing up AAA-Tucson. I thought it would be appropriate to look at other highly touted first base prospects, other than Anthony, who have been promoted — including the situation each player was in before they were promoted to the highest level (MLB) and how they have faired since.

The Atlanta Braves’ Freddie Freeman, another highly touted first base prospect, had 149 AB’s at AA and 461 AB’s at AAA for a total of 1580 Ab’s. Freeman has yet to produce on an elite level with the big league club on a competitive team, as he did in the minors. He is showing signs of his prospect talent, but as one of the more highly regarded prospects comes the question brought on by his early struggles; is he being rushed? Over four minor league seasons his overall line was impressive (.319 .378 .521). This year at the MLB level, Freeman is batting (.238 .333 .417) 6 2B, 3 HR’s, 8 RBI’s in 84 AB’s thus far.