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Padres Out of the Race for Edwin Jackson 

Edwin Jackson - Photo by Keith Allison

Edwin Jackson – Photo by Keith Allison

Jim Bowden of ESPN is reporting via twitter:

Padres are out on Edwin Jackson after refusing to go to 4 years….destination down to Cubs and Rangers

The 29-year old Jackson is seeking a four-year deal after signing a one-year deal with the Nationals last season in an effort to build up his value.  It should be noted that Jackson’s agent is Scott Boras.  This doesn’t mean that Jackson won’t come back on things, but at this point, the Padres are holding firm at three years.  This may open the door for Rick Porcello talks with the Tigers.  Stay tuned.

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  • John

    I understood that he had left Boras and is with another group?

    • Steve Adler

      Last I heard, he was still with Boras. If I see anything different, I’ll update that. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Kyle

    Umm…well if Jackson doesn’t pan out, and we don’t get Porcello, who exactly is left? When Byrnes said he was actively going to pursue starting pitching, I was hoping for more than a 1-year deal for Jason Marquis…

    • Steve Adler

      Kyle, that’s a great question. You don’t really have any impact arms available and most of the Padres starting five would have trouble making the rotation on most contenders.

      From an offensive stand point, the FO seems to be putting a lot of stock into the second half this team had. We all know the park plays different after July 1, so that may not be a great idea.

      Finished the year a 4th place team and they haven’t done anything to change that.