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Padres 2012 Organizational Depth: First Base 

padres_logoNow that it appears that the majority of the changes are done for the 2012 Padres, it seems a good time to look at the depth in the organization at all the positions. This is the time of year that the writers of Baseball America and the notable baseball writers and commentators in this country put out their top prospect lists and their top prospects at each position. Many of the top prospects on those lists belong to Padres minor leaguers and the blog Top Prospect Alert, written by J.P. Schwartz, had a hard time narrowing down the top 15 for the Padres. He noted many others that were in his top 25 that would be top prospects for other teams.

This alone should get Padres fans excited about this season and future seasons. It is not Padres scouts or front office personnel spinning out these lists but respected baseball experts and writers who are very high on the crop of players who are one to two seasons away with some expected to crack the 25 man sometime this season.

With that said, I will attempt to highlight the top prospects at each position for the Padres with some notes and projections based on information gleaned from the watching of video, reading of scouting reports and opinions obtained from some of these experts. I will list the sources of this information so that you can all go read the source itself anytime you doubt the veracity of the opinions.

Everybody loves offense and for the first time in a long time the Padres have some legitimate bats in the minor league system so we will start with the offense. It has been a sore point with Padres fans since the team moved into Petco Park (not so affectionately known as Petco National Park by some writers and players) that the low scoring games that have become commonplace at Petco have frustrated and even alienated some of the fan base. The departure of Adrian Gonzalez also marked the end of the any reliable output from the Padres lineup. So let