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Padres Rumors: Upton & Kennedy, Bochtler, Desmond 

Well, I’m assuming most of you have heard that Craig Kimbrel is no longer on the Padres. That’s right, he is now on the Boston Red Sox. To learn more about the trades of Kimbrel and his former set-up man Joaquin Benoit and what it means for the Padres, here’s Richard Dorsha’s take on it all. Now, in the mean time, there were some other recwnt news about the Padres:

  • The deadline for players to except qualifying offers passed Friday at 5 PM ET. As expected by most reporters, both Justin Upton and Ian Kennedy rejected their offers from the Padres. Kennedy was the only one some people were not certain about. If both players sign with a different team before next year’s trade deadline, the Padres will obtain the two picks following the first round of the 2016 MLB Draft. Dennis Lin of the Union Tribune estimates those picks to be in the high teens overall. The Padres already hold the eighth overall pick.
  • Lin also reported that the Padres new bullpen coach will be former major league reliever Doug Bochtler. Here’s the link to Lin’s article on the addition of Bochtler.
  • Lastly, also reported by Lin, the Padres has shown interest in free-agent shortstop Ian Desmond. This comes as little surprise considering the obvious need at the shortstop position for the Padres and the fact that Desmond, with his five-tool potential, is clearly the top option from this year’s class of free-agent shortstops. That obviously means he is also the most expensive option; plus, he declined a qualifying offer from the Washington Nationals, so the team that ends up signing him will have to give up a draft pick from next year’s draft. Those are things all teams that are interested in him will consider.


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