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Padres Still Shopping for a Bat 

tejadaTwo days left before the trade deadline and Padres fans are getting restless.  Over the past few weeks rookie general manager Jed Hoyer has been vocal about making moves and telling the fan base that he has money to spend.  On Thursday the Padres acquired SS/3B Miguel Tejada for what I consider a second tier propect.  The deal basically comes down to Wynn Pelzer for two months use of Tejada and a supplemental second round pick in 2011.  Sounds good to me!  Even though I am hearing plenty of moaning an argument could be made that Tejada is now the second or third best hitter on the team.  The only question I have will be in regards to his defense, but only time will tell.

Tom Krasovich reported today that the Padres are still working on a deal for a player that can hit right handed pitching.  I find that interesting because the Padres over the last couple season has struggled versus left handers, a quick glance at this years slipts

Vs. RHP .250/.317/.381

Vs. LHP .256/.344/.364

Looks to me like we guys that can hit both.  Jed says he wants a guy that can hit RHP with pop, time to explore the options