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Padres Throw a Twitter Party! Call it Social Media Night. 

padressocial smThe San Diego Padres organize a gathering for users of various social media platforms, predominately Twitter, during last night’s Braves-Padres game held in the Western Metal Supply.

Last night the Padres threw their first ever “Social Media Night” in which you only really heard about it if you followed the Padres (@Padres) on Twitter. They had only reserved 40 spots so you had to be a) not particularly productive that day so paying constant attention to Twitter and b) quick on the draw to to buy the ticket. At first I thought I had missed it but the gods decided to smile on me and granted me one more chance and I was able to attend the event! Click to read more about it!

fans sm
Twitter and @Padres bring us all together.

The event was a blast. It was a great chance to put a face and voice to many Twitter people I follow instead of reading their 140 character thoughts. The event started us off on the field watching the Padres take their batting practice. I had been on the field for BP before but nevertheless, it is always a very nice experience. We had some players and media people come say hello to the fans and pose for pictures and take autographs and just talk with the fans. Bob Scanlan is a very personable person.

@heyscan with the fans
Bob Scanlan (@heyscan) hob-nobbing with Padres fans

What I amount to the highlight of the on-field batting practice experience is after the Padres finished their BP, Atlanta took to the field and get their cracks in. We hear this guy, to whom we shall refer as “Larry”, shout right at Chipper Jones and then as if meeting an old friend or arch-nemesis, he strolls right through the crowd, on queue, and begins to talk to “Larry.” I have to admit it was a little surreal. Who is this “Larry” and to what connection does he have with someone that should be an easy Hall of Fame entry? Perhaps during the ceremonies we shall find out.

Who is this “Larry” Chipper Jones is speaking to, and more importantly, what is his Twitter handle?

After the field we all were led to the Western Metal Suites where the real party began! This is where we all got to watch the game and socialize with each other both in person and on Twitter (I will not confirm nor deny I did this). There were a lot more of us than imagined so the suite was a little crowded but that was the idea, right? Meet your fellow follower!

Over the course of the time in the suite we got showered with all kinds of guest appearances from the Padres front office, Corey Brock from MLB (@FollowThePadres) and this guy!

@angelinaluvly and Randy Jones
@angelinaluvly and Randy Jones

I always like to talk baseball with Josh Byrnes. @woedoctor and I picked his brain from our farm system to what to do about right field. Leila Rahimi even did a segment during the game about the Social Media Night. It was a fantastic night and I have little complaints about it. Met a lot of people there and my follower count grew a little bit! Oh! And we all got to witness Casey Kelly’s Major League debut and he put on a good show for us by putting this up: 6.0IP 3H 2BB 4K and a W.

@IamCaseyKelly pitching well.
@IamCaseyKelly pitching a gem

An excellent night all around. Go Padres!



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