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Padres Throw Away One Year of Gyorko Later, For One Month Now 

Jedd Gyorko

Jedd Gyorko

In 2010 the Padres selected Jedd Gyorko in the 2nd round of the first-year player draft.  Today he was given the number nine and a spot on the opening day roster.  Congratulations to Jedd, he’s a hard worker, good guy, and will be a solid baseball player.

With that said, I couldn’t disagree more with this move.  I don’t want to hear, “the front office is showing they want to win now” talk, because if that was the case, then maybe they should have spent a little coin during free agency to bolster one of the weakest starting staffs in baseball.

With the understanding that the Padres do have some money, yet cannot spend like the top 10 markets in baseball, and they need to make wise “business” decisions for the short-term and the long-term.  Moving forward…

I like Jedd personally, and I think he’s going to be a good everyday player in baseball, which is exactly why having him break camp with the Padres is a terrible idea.  If the Padres waited until May 1 they would control Gyorko’s rights through 2019.  By having him break camp with the team, the Padres only control him through 2018.

So the Padres front office is basically telling fans:

1 month of 24 year-old Gyorko > 1 year of 30 year-old Gyorko

Additionally by promoting Gyorko before mid-June he will achieve Super 2 status.  Not only are the Padres losing a year of control, they are also going to have to pay a lot more money for his services starting in 2015 (I know what you are thinking).  Which could result in him being trade bait shortly after because of payroll concerns.  Kind of sounds like another Padres infielder that achieved Super 2 status not so long ago.

Padres finish April with a winning record and Gyorko is one of the top hitters, the FO looks great, otherwise they have thrown away a year of team control for the best young hitting prospect in the organization for the hope of igniting the fan base.  If this Padres team has a losing record by the end of April, Mr. Byrnes’ seat should start getting a little warm

Lastly, I’ve been critical of Bud Black’s inability to put young players in the best position to succeed during his tenure as the Padres skipper.  Gyorko is going to be expected (by the fans) to be an impact player on offense from the start, an offense that will be void of Chase Headley and will not see Carlos Quentin on an everyday basis.  Combine that with the unfriendly confides of Petco National Park and you could easily see Jedd Gyorko hitting .240 (.257 this spring) at the end of April, which leads me back to the short-term thinking of the Padres front office; 1 month of 24 year-old Gyorko > 1 year of 30 year-old Gyorko.

I respectfully disagree.



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