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Padres Turned Down Tigers Offer for Porcello 

Rick Porcello - Photo by Keith Allison

Rick Porcello – Photo by Keith Allison

Jim Bowden has reported via twitter

According to Tigers source the Padres have turned down Porcello for Street and Porcello for Gregorson but talks continue

The Padres were first rumored to have interest in Rick Porcello back in December.  Talks were on, then off, then on, and now this.  The encouraging part of this tweet is “talks continue”, the discouraging part is that it seems Josh Byrnes has decided protecting his investments are more important than good judgment.

On my radio show last Saturday I touched on how all general managers, not just Byrnes have the best interest in mind of players they bring in (#Byrnesboys).  This way when the team wins, the general managers finger prints all over it.    When asked at a season ticket holder meeting, how the Padres would spent the TV money, the response (and I’m paraphrasing) was, we re-signed Quentin and Street.

Committing $27MM to oft-injured Carlos Quentin for three years and $14MM to Huston Street wasn’t exactly how fans envision the Padres using the extra TV money.  I’m not going to question that Quentin and Street can produce when healthy, but I will question giving over $40 million to guys that are going to be injured 1/3 to ½ the season.  Also, keep in mind that Edinson Volquez is a free agent after 2013, and Clayton Richard after 2014.

So Josh Bynres has decided to keep an injury-prone, short-term closer when starting pitching was and still is your biggest need this off-season, while declining a trade for a 24 year-old controllable arm when you know the guys you have (back-end starters on most teams) are leaving?   Okay, just making sure we are all on the same page.

I’m not concerned about Porcello’s contract given the fact, the Padres have stated that they have money to spend and his contract would be off-set from moving Street this year and losing Volquez next.  Porcello is also just 24 and is under team control through 2015.  Let’s just hope that the Padres front office returns from this off-season siesta in time to return the Tigers call.



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