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Padres Winning Ways Put a Stop to Trade Talks 

Memo to:     Red Sox Fans

                      Twins Fans
                      Phillies Fans
                      Mariners Fans
                      Cubs Fans
                      Mets Fans
                      White Sox Fans
                      Braves Fans


This memo is to let you know that at this time, the Padres will not be considering trade offers for Adrian Gonzalez, Heath Bell, David Eckstein, Jon Garland, Jerry Hairston Jr. or any other veteran that you were hoping to pry off the Padres roster.

 Thank you for your interest,
Padres Fans

ap10041708301Winning is the “cure all” and as I write this article, it excites me to enjoy the taste of first place in the National League West.  It does not matter if this will last a few days or a few weeks – at this point I will enjoy the moment and I encourage you to, as well.

As I wrote in my piece