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Peoria ….and Beyond 

padres2011edit2Every year for the past 6 years I have gone to Peoria, AZ to watch Padres’ Spring Training games and enjoy the spring weather in Arizona (not to mention the bars and restaurants in the surrounding area). I have also spent a significant portion of my time there watching minor league practices and games. Until last February I kept notes and photos of the minor league players for my own enjoyment and as a hobby. Then I met Steve Adler, founder of the Friarhood, and became a staff writer covering the minor leagues. Steve allowed me to assume this role because I am passionate about following the minor league teams and love sharing what I have learned with anyone who will listen.

This year I made two trips to Peoria and was able to roughly double my time spent with the minor league teams, as well as watching Padres games and taking lots of photos. This post is meant to share some photos as well as a few oCam_Maybin_1st_spring_gamebservations made during these two trips. Hopefully it will give those of you who can