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UPDATE: Dodgers have acquired Scott Podsednik 7/28/10

According to the Royals are being “bombarded” with interest by NL West teams in regards to Scott Podsednik (Pods). Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports suggests that the Giants, Padres and Dodgers as potential fits.

I could see the (FO) trying to sell a trade to the fans by saying that Pods is a comparable player to Dejesus offensively and would be much cheaper to acquire without giving up top tier talent. I remarked the other day on that I believed the Padres would make some minor moves if they (the FO) felt that the “big bats” were going to be too pricey. I believe that Podsednik, (309/.353/.399 line with 29 steals in 41 attempts.) Tejeda, ( this year .272/ 7 HR/ 39 RBI) and possibly a Jake Westbrook (6-6 ERA. 4.74/ 42 BB/ 68K/ 1.44 WHIP) via the waiver wire are possible moves that could help the team with veterans players with proven track records while keeping the core players in tact. 

Podsednik put up an almost identical line last year .304/.353/.412 with 30 steals in 43 attempts. Teams know what they’re getting in Podsednik: a speedy left fielder, all out hard nosed ball player who can play center and get on base with a proven track record. 

“The Royals signed Podsednik to a team-friendly deal that guarantees the outfielder $1.65MM this season (about $580K remains). The team has an option for 2011 worth $2MM, but Podsednik will likely be able to void it. He had 421 plate appearances entering today’s action and needs just 525 to neutralize the option.”

I like guys like Cunningham and Denorfia but I am not sure the Padres feel content with status quo while in 1st place with young players that are not what you would exactly call, “proven” players. 

I believe that Pods would be a very nice addition. If the Padres cannot bolster the middle of the order with a Hart, Werth or Ross, without giving up too much (in the Padres FO minds) talent for the future, why not add significant depth and keep intact the majority of the core players and add some proven vets that are winners?  I also believe that while a “big bat” would be ideal to help protect Adrian, I do not feel any of the current “available” outfielders are what you would call elite players that would allow Adrian to get more pitches to hit. Adrian is the main threat, he is still going to walk!  So, why not add a player that has a proven track record that would be a head and shoulders improvement in-front of Adrian? I talked about this in the beginning of the year, if players are successful in the 1-2 role in front of Adrian they will be forced to pitch to him more.

Podsednik would be a very good upgrade in the lead off spot and Tejeda would provide depth at third base to spell Chase Headley on occasion against Lefties (despite his season low Avg. Against Lefties) Tejeda has a very successful career line against lefties and is a proven run producer that could also be a viable option at shortstop,  ESPECIALLY since Everth Cabrera has been anything but impressive this year and is still a VERY young inexperienced player. The other aspect of course is the aging Eckstein and his on going health concerns. Eck is on the DL and is reportedly “on track” to come off when his time is up with his “calf strain”, it is still a question mark. Having said that, the Padres had interest in Tejeda before the injury to Eck, so… I would imagine that would only intensify their interest in Tejeda, possibly Ty Wigginton also.