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Q and A with Craig of 

fishstripesCraig from popular Marlins blog was nice enough to do a little Q&A about the fish as they head into San Diego.

What is this drama with Logan Morrison all about?
The Marlins organization claimed they were sending Morrison down to Triple-A because of his .249 batting average. But the truth be told, he was sent down for being too outspoken.  LoMo earlier criticized the front office for the firing of then hitting coach John Mellee. He was not alone in this, several other players also complained.  He later called out Hanley Ramirez for not respecting the team; he was not alone in this one either.

Then LoMo complained about the Marlins Community Organization for botching a charity event he had put together, this one was pretty recent. A few days later after staying an extra hour at an autograph session he asked the player’s union rep (Wes Helms) if he had to attend a player