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Q and A with Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue 

Amazin' Avenue

With the Mets coming into town, I reached out to Eric Simon of the popular Mets blog Amazin’ Avenue (@AmazinAvenue).  He answered questions for me regarding the rumors about moving in the fences at CITI, Jose Reyes, and guys with former San Diego ties. 

What are your thoughts on moving the fences in at CITI field?  What was the reasoning behind why the Mets decided to make the change?

1. The Mets haven’t said that they’re going to alter the dimensions of Citi Field, though there have been cries from a vocal minority that the park is oppressive to home run hitters (it is) and that it will keep some of the league’s best players from wanting to play here (it probably won’t). Fewer home runs doesn’t necessarily mean less run-scoring, but it usually does mean more doubles and triples, which is perfectly fine with me.
I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they decided to adjust the fences, but it’s just not clear that they need to do so. This is only the third season of City Field, which in my opinion is hardly enough time to tuck tail and punt on the original design.

 How do you see the Jose Reyes situation playing out?

2. I think he’ll eventually sign with the Mets for five years and $100-110 million. It does mean something to hang on to a player like Reyes from his early years up through his peak, and I think he’s an important to both the fans and to the franchise. I would never advocate signing him to a fiscally indefensible contract, but I think there are enough good reasons for both sides to get a deal done. If some other team swoops in and offers him 7/$140, well, it was fun while it lasted!

What is the fan reaction to Jason Bay?

3. It’s about what you’d expect for a likable-but-underperforming player of his expense. I think most fans like Bay, but they’re tired of and perplexed by his lack of offense. He tries hard enough and he doesn’t loaf about in the field, and I think everyone’s waiting for him to snap out of it one day, but that seems less likely to happen with each passing week of offensive ineptitude.

What grade would you give first year GM Sandy Alderson?

4. Alderson has been everything I could’ve hoped for. For too many years, the Mets’ baseball operations department has been managed from the gut, so it is with great pleasure that I have watched the enlightenment unfold in Queens. And with your old friend Paul DePodesta in charge of player development, you finally get the sense that the Mets will use all of the information at their disposal