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Robbie Alomar: A Look Back 

Robbie_Alomar-PadresRoberto Alomar has been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and will be inducted in July with pitcher Burt Blyleven. Players are no longer allowed to choose which team they represent on their induction plaque but it will most likely be the Toronto Blue Jays cap Alomar will be wearing. His most productive years came with the Blue Jays and that is how he is most often remembered.

Many people may not remember that Alomar began his career as a San Diego Padre. He and his brother, Sandy Jr, were free agent signees as teenagers out of Puerto Rico. Sandy was signed in 1983 and Robbie in 1985, at the age of 17.  Their father, 15 yr Major League veteran Sandy Sr, was a coach in the Padres system.

Robbie began his professional career in the California League in 1986 and finished that season with the league batting title. He boasted a .346 average in that first year playing in the Padres minor league system. Moving quickly up the ranks, Alomar made his major league debut on April 22, 1988.

He singled off Nolan Ryan in his first at bat.