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Roster update 

Aug, 19 2010

Tony Gwynn Jr. is headed back to San Diego with what is believed to be a “fractured right hamate bone”. Ryan Webb will rejoin the team according to MLB’s Corey Brock @FollowThePadres (Via twitter). I guess that means Scott Hairston/Venable and Denorfia will be getting all a bit more playing time instead of calling upon Luis Durango or Aaron Cunningham until the roster expansion September 1st. Jerry Hairston Jr. could also find himself playing some OF seeing as Eckstein is close to coming off the DL while Jerry has been playing so well. Eckstein went 0-4 last night in his rehab assignment at Eugene. The only problem with JHJ playing the outfield in replacement (in a way) of Gwynn, is when Eck comes off the DL, Cabrera is the likely candidate to be sent down, so JHJ would likely return to his utility back up role.