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Rosters for the 83rd All Star Game Announced 

Street1We are nine days away from the Summer Classic in Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City and baseball fans have spoken to the tune of a record breaking 391.2 million votes in selecting their all stars. Today, the rosters for both leagues announced with the Final Vote still taking place. The Rangers will have seven players in the ASG with Yu Darvish in the Final Vote. Huston Street, will be the Padres lone representative in Kansas City.

The starters for the American League:

I don’t like the idea that Mike Napoli got the starting job over Matt Wieters. Mike strikes out at a 30% clip compared to 17% for Matt. Elvis Andrus is a better SS than Derek Jeter but he got the start because he’s Derek Jeter. That said, the American League has a pretty solid line up going for them. Notable names such as Albert Pujols and Adrian Gonzalez not making any appearances in the ASG this season. Albert’s early season woes hurt him for ASG.

The AL Reserves are: C Wieters, 1B Konerko, 2B Kinsler, SS A. Cabrera, 3B M. Cabrera, OF Jones, OF Trout, OF Trumbo, DH Dunn. Adam Dunn does two things: hit homeruns and strike out. He has 24 homeruns to 125 strikeouts. Good to see Mike Trout being selected especially after that particularly awesome homerun catch. Remaining position players are C Mauer, SS Andrus, DH Butler. 

The starters for the visiting National League:

The NL side is a bit of a joke. While Joey Votto has just been tearing it up for the Reds, justifying his 10/$228MM contract, Pablo Sandoval missed a month of baseball and is selected as a starter. Also, Matt Kemp selected as the starting CF even though he is also laughable. I don’t see how Dan Uggla is a starting 2B while Aaron Hill is fighting to make it in the Final Vote. The American League is going to trounce the National League.

The reserves for the NL features: 1B LaHair, 2B Altuve, SS Castro, 3B Wright, OF Braun, OF C. Gonzalez, and OF McCutchen. Andrew McCutchen has made a name for himself with the Pirates. He can spray the whole field with hits and one of the reasons the Pirates are a game behind the Reds. In a bit of irony, Bryan LaHair lost 1B to once Padre Anthony Rizzo. Rounding out the rest of the NL position players are C Ruiz, SS Desmond, OF Bruce, and OF Stanton.

Ron Washington’s starter selection includes: David Price, C.C. Sabathia, Chris Sale, Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez, and Jered Weaver. Sabathia is currently on the DL and will be replaced by C.J. Wilson. King Felix continues to retire batters at 9.27 K/9 and walking very little. However, he has some road woes as his home/away ERA is a hair over 2 runs average difference (2.14/4.18). Verlander and Sale are solid selections.

Over on the National League side, some well deserved names in the list. They are: Matt Cain, R.A. Dickey, Lance Lynn, Gio Gonzalez and Stephen Strasburg. Great to see SDSU alumnus Stephen Strasburg in the ASG. He most deserves it. He and Gio Gonzalez have been great for the Nationals and helping that team contend in the NL East. Dickey’s knuckleball has been just unhittable including his dazzling performances against Baltimore and Tampa Bay. Huston Street who has pitched only 20 innings will be the Padres lone representative as a reliever. Yes, 20 innings. Clayton Kershaw 

I’m not real happy with the NL selections. If this game is going to count for something, it should be better for the NL. AL is going to massacre the NL. Hopefully Aaron Hill makes it past the Final Vote.



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