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San Diego native and ex Padre Brian Giles retires 


Brian Giles Retires

Outfielder Brian Giles announced his retirement today, according to Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times. The Dodgers had signed Giles to a minor league deal in February. Soon after being signed to the minor league deal he told’s Ken Gurnick it wouldn’t take long to decide whether his knee could hold up physically.

Giles finishes with an outstanding .291/.400/.502 line with 287 home runs, 411 doubles, 1,078 RBIs, and 1,183 walks in 1,847 games. His 7,835 career plate appearances were with the Indians, Pirates, and Padres. Brian’s career OBP currently ranks 59th all-time! Brian made two All-Star appearances and received MVP votes in five seasons. He had a very respectable, and to some degree, by MLB standards, an underrated career considering his achievements. Giles was involved in a “blockbuster” trade, that at the time, was criticized by the Pirates organization, because Jason Bay was not considered a top prospect. In August of ’03, Giles joined the Padres for Jason Bay, Oliver Perez, and Cory Stewart. 

Brian Stephen Giles, Or maybe better known to his teammates as “gilly”, was born on January 20, 1971, in El Cajon, California. During his very successful and some what under the radar career ( being that he never played for “big market” teams) He played for the Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates and San Diego Padres. 

In 1997 Giles became a full-time major league regular, for Cleveland, playing in 130 games. Again with the Indians in 1998, he played in 112. Then in 98, he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for pitcher Ricardo Rinc