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Projecting the Padres 2012 Payroll 

Mat LatosTurning the chapter from 2011 to 2012 will be easy for Padres fans.  It appears that fans got a good long glimpse of the 2012 team at the end of 2011, is that a good thing?  You tell me.

Most of us anticipated the Padres would have cut ties with Bell, Ludwick, and Harang during the season.  Which would have opened up salary for 2012 and allowed the team to start extending some of the younger players such as Latos, Stauffer, Maybin, and/or Headley.  My question all season has been, how will they get to $55-$60M in 2012?  The free agent class is weak, and they have money coming off the books.  I don’t want to see the team spend money for the sake of spending money, but I don’t want to see fan uproar when/if the team fails to meet payroll expectations. 

I took the time to take a look at the what Padres have committed to 2012 in terms of payroll.  Arbitration eligible players are projected and subject to change.  (See chart below)

2012 Padres
*Aaron Harang 5,000,000.00
Cory Luebke 450,000.00
Clayton Richard 2,000,000.00
Mat Latos 450,000.00
Tim Stauffer 3,500,000.00
Dustin Moseley 2,500,000.00
Luke Gregerson 1,250,000.00
Joe Thatcher 800,000.00
Ernesto Frieri 450,000.00
Brad Brach 450,000.00
*Heath Bell 10,000,000.00
Nick Hundley 1,000,000.00
Luis Martinez 450,000.00
Anthony Rizzo 450,000.00
Jesus Guzman 450,000.00
Chase Headley 4,000,000.00
Orlando Hudson 5,500,000.00
Jason Bartlett 5,500,000.00
Alberto Gonzalez 800,000.00
Will Venable 750,000.00
Chris Denorfia 1,500,000.00
Cameron Maybin 450,000.00
Kyle blanks 450,000.00
OF 450,000.00
INF 450,000.00
Brad Hawpe 1,000,000.00
Chad Qualls 1,050,000.00

Bold = Arbitration Eligible

* = Free Agent or option

Italic = Buyout

Player minimums ranged last season from 414,000 to 468,000 on the Padres.  For the sake of this exercise, I put all player minimums at 450,000.  MLB will release new minimums during the offseason. 



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