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Super Bowl Contest! 

super-bowlYes!  It’s that time.  Without getting into all the fun details of deer antler spray, inappropriate gay slurs, and secret love children we will finally play some football.  I know this is a website for Padres information, but what’s a Super Bowl without some fun contests.

Here is the deal, you need to pick the winning team and the final score.  Example: Ravens 35-31

The person that correctly guesses the winning team and the final score will win your choice of a $10 gift certificate to the Friarhood Shop or your choice of retro hat!

IMG_2850If you haven’t checked out our new “98” shirt, it is available for purchase in the Friarhood Shop now! If you purchase it in the Friarhood shop and wear it to FanFest you will receive $5 cash back from Steve at FanFest.

After much deliberation I have decided that I think the 49ers will win, but I am rooting for the Ravens, only because SF Giants fans are too annoying as it is. I just can’t imagine how SF would carry themselves after winning a World Series and a Super Bowl within six months.

98 Friarhood ShirtOnly comments placed before kickoff will be valid.  Prize must be claimed within 30 days.  Winner is responsible for pick up or shipping costs.



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