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Adrian Gonzalez

Five Good Things: Standings Shuffle Edition

The Padres went from everything going their way and a climb into second place in the NL West to losing two games at a very inopportune time as they fell back to fourth place after Sunday’s loss. I joked with my friends that Thursday’s game had five good things in it from the get go […]Full Article

Five Good Things: “No Sweep For You” Edition

One out of three isn’t bad, right? When it comes to preventing a sweep by the Dodgers, that statement rings true as our boys beat Clayton Kershaw to prevent ...Full Article

Five Good Things : Chavez Sweep Edition

He y’all it’s me again here to bring you five good things from the Padres sweep of the hated Dodgers in their own home. Surprisingly it was hard to ...Full Article

Five Good Things from Opening Home Series: From pageantry and unconventional coaching to a full scale brawl, this week's series had it all.

Tell me you were not entertained. As disappointing as it was that we dropped the series to the hated Dodgers, I had not had more fun watching baseball in ...Full Article

Casey Kelly to have Tommy John Surgery

Padres general manager Josh Byrnes during an interview with Mighty 1090 stated that Casey Kelly will have Tommy John surgery, effectively ending his 2012.  Kelly was acquired by then ...Full Article

Daily Friar 3.9.13

Rain was the culprit yesterday as it spoiled Carlos Quentin’s first game back since last season. He is playing right now though in a “B” game as they call ...Full Article
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