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Adrian Gonzalez

Daily Friar 12.11.11

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

What is the most powerful force in the universe? Is it gravity? Is it love? Is it money? Professional athletes may live in a different world than the working ...Full Article

Daily Friar 10.25.11

Another day, another Daily Friar. Mike Napoli is quickly turning into a World Series hero as Texas is now a game from winning. I for one was hoping he ...Full Article

Where Are They Now: 2010 Padres

Recently I was invited to join some of my fellow season ticket holders at an exclusive Q and A.  A question came in about retaining the 2010 roster and ...Full Article

Where are the 2010 Padres Now?

The 2010 Padres did an amazing job winning 90 games.  They were able to catch the interest of the city and for the first time since the 2006 season ...Full Article

San Diego Padres 2011 Awards Dinner

The Padres held their annual awards dinner on Wednesday night and I was invited, along with a handful of local bloggers (gaslampball, ducksnorts, and rjsfro) to attend the festivities.  For ...Full Article