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Alexi Amarista

Daily Friar 10.14.12

Let me start off by apologizing for not having a Daily Friar posted yesterday. I had some family stuff to take care of and didn’t have time to get to it. Today I have some good stuff for you all to read below. When I last left you game five’s were being wrapped up as […]Full Article

2012 Report Card: Second Base

Second base for the Padres in 2012 was a roller coaster to say the least. After rumors that the Padres were trying to practically give away Orlando Hudson (the ...Full Article

Daily Friar 9.3.12

The unpredictability of Coors Field continued yesterday. You never know who is going to win a game in that place. A deep fly ball that would be a routine ...Full Article

Daily Friar 8.26.12

How does it feel to be a fan of one of the hottest teams in baseball right now? I for one love what the Padres have been doing of ...Full Article

Friars to Face Old Friend in Tonight’s Must-See Matchup

If you are a Padres fan and are not intrigued by tonightFull Article

Daily Friar 7.5.12

Who is this team and what have they done with the Padres? Of all the teams that the Padres have had over the past 15 years, this was the ...Full Article