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Andrew Cashner

Daily Friar 6.19.12

Oh Padres, how you frustrate me so. When your pitcher can go into the seventh inning and strike out ten guys you expect to be in a position to win the game. This was the case last night, minus the winning part of it. Again the Padres’ horrendous RISP numbers continue to build. 1-9 again […]Full Article

Daily Friar 6.14.12

So I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Padres won the game last night. And in doing so have also won ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.11.12

Another series lost by the Padres. This time though we didn’t just lay down and give the Brewers the win. We fought back hard and ultimately lost because John ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.10.12

With Cory Luebke on the shelf right now the best pitcher in the rotation is probably Edinson Volquez (or Anthony Bass). That being said, the Brewers beat up on ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.8.12

The Padres have a winning formula on their hands. They will win the first game of a series, say job well done, and forget about the other 2 or ...Full Article

Daily Friar 6.7.12

The Padres should have won the game yesterday. However, too many miscues and missed opportunities led to yet another loss to add to their already terrible record. The only ...Full Article